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LLR Library Services content 2023

Library Tours 

We provide tours of the library and all facilities including how to borrow and return books and laptops. Use the button below to make an appointment via MyAccount

Please be aware that these appointments are not with librarians and do not cover referencing or search for resources.

Extra Help in the Library

You can arrange for someone to pick up and return items for you. They will need to bring your ID card, proof of their own identity, and a letter from you saying that they have permission to use your card.

We are also happy to come with you to look for books and other items in the library. Just ask at the help desk.

If you need a helper or support worker to accompany you when using the library then please contact us online to arrange support at

Photocopying & Scanning

We can copy journal articles or sections from books for you. You can pick up the copies at the library or we can send them to you by post or email.

Photocopy/Scanning Request

Books by Post

If a book or other item is available to be borrowed in the library then we can send it to you by post. 

Postal Loan Request

Books Put Aside for You

We can fetch books and other items from our shelves and keep them on the hold shelf of the campus library of your choice, for you to collect. We will keep them for up to a week. 

Put Aside Request

Other Assistance

The Southwark Campus Library has a DaVinci magnifier which can magnify books, change the colour and contrast of the text and background, and read printed text out loud.

We would like to assist you in any way we can. You can contact us by email at, by phone on 020 7815 6607 or in person at our help desk in the Library.

Do you need help with e-books?

Some of our e-book platforms have extra accessibility functions.

If you have a specific query with regards to accessing e-books, please email

If you would like help searching for or reading e-books or just want to become more familiar with them, you can book a 1:1 appointment with a librarian via MyAccount

Do you have a print disability?

Do you need books in an alternative format?RNIB Bookshare logo

RNIB Bookshare resources are available for anyone with a print disability.

Create an account and sign in to RNIB Bookshare and access over 400,000 books in a range of formats, including Word, PDF, MP3, Braille. 

The Library can make your reading lists available on this platform in formats that suit you and your technology.    

You can also access the RNIB's ever-growing catalogue of materials that are not on your reading list.  For full details and to book a 1:1 introductory session, email: or book an appointment with a Librarian via MyAccount.

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