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Who Does What?: Academics (how to raise student enquiries with)

Team Info

How to raise a case with us?

Academic staff don’t use Salesforce for student enquiry management – so please don’t assign a case to a specific academic colleague.

For general academic enquiries, please assign the case to the relevant Student Admin team – who will investigate the issue and reply to the student.

For specific academic enquiries – i.e. to a named academic, please encourage the student to book an appointment with the academic using their MyAccount.

To request input / advice from an academic on an open case, student advisors should contact the academic via their LSBU email and transfer the academic's reply into the student’s advisee record.

Chatter (@mention an academic colleague) is a useful alert but should not be the main way of reaching out to an academic for support on resolving a case, where needed.




What we deal with?

Students can see the named members of their Course Team inside MyAccount on the Academic Development page. They can check their upcoming availability and book appointments with them directly on the My Support page of MyAccount.

Academic staff do not use Salesforce to manage enquiries from students. Communications between academics and their students use LSBU email, MS Teams and Moodle.


So who should a student contact?

A Personal Tutor meets students regularly to see how things are going. Their role is not to teach specific course content (course tutors and module leaders do this) – but they can help students with more general study support needs (not linked to specific assessments or modules), such as wanting to learn more about how to use feedback to improve.

There is a Module Leader for each of the modules that a student takes. Questions about the delivery, content or assessment of that module should be directed to them.

The Course Director handles the running of the course. If a student has a more complicated question about their course or something that hasn't been able to be resolved, then they are the right people to speak to.