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Who Does What?: Accommodation

Team Info

How do you raise a case with us?:

via Salesforce - Accommodation queue

via email -

You can phone us on 020 7815 6417

Live Chat?:  No  (to be arranged)

Enquiry Hours: Mon - Fri  09:00 - 17:00

Urgent escalation of a case/cases - who do I contact?:  Lesley Duffy 

Website where info on our services can be found:

Knowledge champion responsible for our Knowledge articles (FAQs):  Rebecca Palmer  Natasha Barrett




Most enquiries relating to students finding and applying for accommodation both in our halls and privately 


Applying for accommodation and application status how/when can I apply? 
  when will I hear about my room offer?
Accommodation contract queries  
Accommodation licence agreements how do i sign my agreement?
Accommodation finance issues

I've paid too much money or am owed money - how do I get my refund?     

Where can I find my schedule of payments? - I don't know what I owe

Where can I get a statement of my account?

Accommodation Payment plans


I can't afford my rent - can I set up a payment plan?

Accommodation complaints I would like to make a complaint about my accommodation - where is the complaints procedure?
Accommodation disputes I have an issues in halls - how can I resolve?
Accommodation portal account issues I can't log into the accommodation portal
Accommodation wellbeing advice What support is available in halls should I need wellbeing advice?
Arrivals process and moving in

Can I have info about the arrivals process?  

When can I move in - can I move in early?

Booking fees How much is the advance payment?
COVID quarantine advice re: Halls Can I quarantine in halls?
Departure info What should I do when I depart my accommodation?
Emergency Accommodation I am homeless - can you help?
Halls of residence info Where can I get info on halls? Which is the best one to live in?
Maintenance issues I have an issue with my room - how do I report it and get it fixed?
Post How does the post work in LSBU accommodation - what address should I use and where do I collect my post?
Private Accommodation I don't want to live in halls, where can I apply privately in the local area?
Requests to leave My circumstances have changed  - can I request to leave and what is the process?
Room moves

I want to change my room

I don't like my flatmates and want to move - how can I arrange this?

Summer extensions I want to stay on in halls after my contract ends - is this possible? how can I do it?
Summer bookings from private institutions Enquiries from private institutions for summer bookings
Support while in halls for independent/care experienced/refugee/asylum students I am an independent student (or other) - can I stay in the hall longer? what support is available for me?
Welfare concerns I'm concerned about my flat mate - who do I report this to?



Topic Where should it be referred (if known)
CAS and Visa enquiries                                                                                      Compliance?                                                                                          
Course details and information Admissions?
Student Status Letters Student Life Centre
Tuition fees Student Life Centre?
Changing courses Admissions?
Job opportunities/enquiries Employability
International student enquiries Admissions?