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Who Does What?: Timetabling

Team Info

How to raise a case with us? via Salesforce Timetabling queue.   Timetable chat/tickets initally go to LLR Library and Student IT queue - will be escalated if not a techincal IT issue  (only publicised to staff)
Phone? coming soon but will be for enquiries from staff only
Live Chat? No
Enquiry Hours Mon - Fri 0900 - 1700
Escalation of urgent cases Darren Jeffery
Team Lead

Darren Jeffery     

Tania Green (trailblazer)

Knowledge Champion (FAQs) Satyajeet Sarang
Website of info none




Team generally is responsible for:

Constructing, scheduling and publishing accurate timetables for students and staff, and works with timetable contacts in Schools - manages the Univ timetabling system, CMIS database and it's system user guides. Provides training for timetablers and users

Team ensures effective utilisation of teaching spaces and mediates/resolves timetable clashes. Liaise with Estates on ensuring spaces well maintained, fit for purpose and are being audited

Topics Example
Timetable queries from students Missing information; missing classes or modules; or wrong classes/modules
Subgroup queries  
Ergonomic chairs and accessible rooms for students?  
Teaching room queries (from staff?)  


Topic Where it should be referred if known
Student unable to log into timetable at all LLR Student IT support
Staff or students wanting to book rooms on campus Estates Service Desk