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LSBU Harvard Referencing: Referencing your own non-published work

Referencing your own non-published work

If you use one of your own previous assignments/essays in your work, it is still good practice to cite it, even though it is not a published work.

To reference your own work you will need:

  • Student name.
  • Year of submission (in round brackets)
  • Title of essay/assignment
  • Module code: module title (in italics)
  • Institution
  • Unpublished essay/assignment


Student surname, Initials. (Year of Publication) Title of essay/assignment. Module code: module title. Institution. Unpublished assignment.


Parry, A. (2017) Assessment of prevalence and risk factors of diabetes and pre-diabetes in Wales. NAD_7_006: Acute and complex care in Adult Nursing. London South Bank University. Unpublished assignment.    

In-text citation: (Parry, 2017)