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LSBU Harvard Referencing: Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) materials

Best Practice tips

For chapters and articles that have been scanned and uploaded onto LSBU VLE, reference them as print resources.

It is important to check with your lecturer if referencing class notes is appropriate for your assignment.

Format of the reference

You will need:

  • Name of the author(s)
  • Year produced
  • Title of the lecture
  • Module and course name and number
  • Name of teaching establishment
  • Date of lecture
  • URL of the Virtual Learning Environment
  • Accessed date



Author’s surname, Initials. (Year produced) Title of handout/lecture [description and name of course, module code]. Name of teaching establishment, Date of lecture. Availble from: [Accessed day month year].


Smith, J. (2020) Academic misconduct: plagiarism. [Handout to Referencing Workshop, LLR-001]. London South Bank University, 20 March. Available from: [Accessed 26 February 2021].

In-text citation: (Smith, 2020)




LSBU Harvard Referencing Quick Guide