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LSBU Harvard Referencing: Referencing preprints

Referencing preprints

Sometimes, academic journal articles are made available online prior to being formally published in an academic journal. These are often referred to as preprints and may not yet have gone through a formal peer-review process.

To reference a prepublication journal article found online or in digital repositories you will need:

  • Author surname
  • Initials
  • Year (in round brackets)
  • Title of article
  • To be published in
  • Title of journal (in italics)
  • Volume and Issue numbers (if stated)
  • [Preprint]
  • DOI number or Available from: URL [Accessed date]


Author surname, Initials. (Year) Title of article. To be published in Title of Journal [Preprint]. DOI: doi number/Available from: URL [Accessed date]


Jeon, I., Lee, K. and Park, J.-H. (2015) Ramond-Ramond cohomology and O(D,D) T-duality. To be published in Journal of High Energy Physics [Preprint]. Available from: [Accessed 24 August 2015].

In-text citation:

(Jeon et al., 2015)