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LSBU Harvard Referencing: White (policy statement) paper

Best Practice tips

What are Command Papers?

Government publications presented to Parliament are known as Command Papers. Most Command Papers are published in a numbered series.

  • White papers - statements of government policy and proposals for legislation
  • Green papers - government consultation documents
  • Reports from Royal Commissions and some other inquiries
  • State papers, including international treaties
  • Government responses to some Select Committee reports
  • Annual reports and statistics from some government bodies.

Find the citation details via this useful website business/publications/com mittees/recent-reports/

Format of the reference

You will need:

  • Name of committee or Royal commission
  • Year of publication
  • Title of the paper
  • Paper number
  • Web address
  • Date accessed



Name of committee or Royal commission (Year of publication) Title of paper (Paper number). Available from:  [Accessed day month year].


Department for Education (2021) Skills for jobs: lifelong learning for ppportunity and growth (CP 338). Available from: [Accessed 27 January 2021].

In-text citation: (Leveson, 2012)




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