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LSBU Harvard Referencing: Blog

Best Practice tips

It’s best to start your research by using LSBU databases before searching the free web. Remember that anyone can publish anything on the web, so you will need to evaluate the quality and reliability of a web page or web document before you refer to it in your assignments.

Blogs are often anonymous and many authors just use their first names or pseudonyms.

For further guidance on referencing online sources, see General guidelines for referencing online resources

Format of the reference

You will need:

  • Name of the author(s) or pseudonym
  • Year of posting, or last update
  • Title of the blog post
  • Title of the blog
  • Day and month of posting
  • Web address
  • Date accessed



Author’s surname, Initials. or pseudonym (Year of posting or last update) Title of blog post, Title of blog, month day of posting. Available from: [Accessed day month year].


Greaves, I. (2020) Close encounters at the BBC written archives, BBC History Research, November 18. Available from: [Accessed 22 January 2021].

In-text citation: (Greaves, 2020)

Blog reference


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