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LSBU Harvard Referencing: Image found within a book/journal article/website

Format of the reference

If you want to refer to an image found within a source, for example, an illustration inside a book or a photo within an online article, and the author of the work is also the creator of the image, just reference the source and put the page number and/or figure number (if available) where you found the visual resource in the in-text citation.


If the image is by a different author, include information about the original creator in the body of your work and just reference the book etc. Best Practice Do not reference images from Google Images. Go to the website the image is hosted on, check permissions, and reference that location. 27 in which you found the image in your reference list.


Example of an in-text citation to an illustration found in a book: … Barker’s illustration (Whittle, 2015, p. 176, fig. 10.5) shows a young girl leaving the village …


NOTE: for the above example, you’d only include a reference to Whittle in the Reference list. If you are copying and pasting an image from an online article, also include the caption/details of creator where available and put the intext citation to the source underneath.



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