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LSBU Harvard Referencing: Online image

Best Practice tips


Creators of social media posts often use their first names, pseudonyms or handles.  If no named author is available use one of these instead.

Where the author is not known, begin the reference with the Title of the work.

Do not reference images from Google Images. Go to the website the image is hosted on, check permissions, and reference that location

Format of the reference

You will need:

  • Name of the creator
  • Year the image was published/uploaded/created
  • Title of the image
  • Format of the image
  • Web address
  • Date accessed



Author’s surname, Initials. (Year published/uploaded/created) Title [Format e.g. Photograph]. Available from: [Accessed day month year].


Blow, T. (2019) England report card: Ben Stokes top of the class as the spinners struggle [Photograph]. Available from:  [Accessed 23 February 2021].

In-text citation: (Blow, 2019)




LSBU Harvard Referencing Quick Guide